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Leather Hand Cuffs

Leather Hand Cuffs

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The Rosen Doll Full Grain leather Hand Cuffs are a must-have for any serious bondage play.  Double strapped for extra security and tightness and with multiple connection points to allow fredom of play.  They are made of 100% leather and non-leeching nickle tested hardware to ensure they are safe to use for all.

All cuffs come as a pair of 2, with a matching leather/snap ring connecting piece.

They are available in all our colours of leather and the base and both straps are independently customizable.  Show off your individuality or just your favourite colours and mix and match to your hearts content!  If you want a more unique item than we can offer here please feel free to message us.  Alternating colour rivets?  Mix up the D-rings?  Go nuts!

Each set of cuffs is hand-made to order, with meticulous attention to detail.  We start with cutting a strip of Full Grain Leather ensuring to not include any blemishes, and cut it to size.  Then we take our non-leeching nickel stainless steel hardware and attach it firmly with long lasting stainless steel rivets.  Finally finishing off the edge with a classic technique of burnishing with a quality Japanese burnishing agent multiple times and rubbing the whole collar down with neatsfoot oil to give the smoothest feel to the edges as possible.

We have tested these cuffs to the brink of destruction, requiring multiple people on both sides to make it budge even a small amount.  We are so confident that we offer a limited lifetime warranty on all our leather products, if the hardware or leather should break or get damaged in anyway we will offer a replacement set!

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