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Rosendoll Studios

Beginner bundle of Rope

Beginner bundle of Rope

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This bundle includes:

  • Two lots of 3 Meter Rope
  • Two lots of 8 Meter Rope
  • One pair of medical shears, for cutting the rope if needed.


Rope yourself in for an intense BDSM experience with this bondage rope! Handmade with tossa jute, jojoba and camellia oil, and hand-whipped ends for a smooth, secure finish. Dare to explore the thrilling possibilities!

Hand-measured to order these ropes make a huge difference to your kinky play.  We have picked out the highest-quality components to create the best bondage rope we could.  Starting with rope made of 100% natural tossa jute.  We chose jute due to its natural strength, ability to keep its usefulness through oiling and the feeling of the rope against your skin.  Beginners may prefer a softer rope, but this is still soft enough for general use.

Next we 'whip' the ends to keep the loose fibres tight and compact and prevent fraying.  We prefer to whip as opposed to knot the ends as it makes it easier to pass the ends through bites.

Finally, the rope is put through our treatment process, taking off the excess fuzzies on the rope, running it through a few times to make it extra supple and finishing off with a light oil with Jojoba and Camellia oils to keep the rope conditioned.

If you require custom-length ropes, feel free to drop us a message!

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